•  Enclose the following information along with the plans(drawings)

•  Complete details of the manufacturing process with a process flow diagram/chart, and the final product,

•  A list of all chemicals proposed to be used in the manufacturing process, all chemicals produced during the course of manufacturing process, chemical reactions, process parameters ,along with their material safety data sheets (MSDS) etc. If no chemicals are required to be used, state accordingly

•  Total number of male and female workers proposed to be employed in the factory on any one day, number of workers required to be employed in one shift, clearly showing the number of male and  female workers, should be stated. If no female workers are required to be employed, state accordingly.

•  Enclose Form No.1 (Annexure-1) duly filled up.   

•  Attested /Notarised copies of documents showing the ownership of the land/building i.e., Letter of land allotment and copy of the lease deed from institutions like RIICO , Industries Department etc..

Note: The following additional information must be submitted in case of chemical and Hazardous process factories.

•  A brief note and material safety data sheets for handling every chemical to be used in the manufacturing process intermediates products, and equipment for their storage, handling and transportation.

•  Information about critical process parameters of the manufacturing process, such as increase of pressure temperature, chemical reactions etc. during the manufacturing process.

•  Risk Assessment Report and Safety Report should also be enclosed.

•  HAZOP (Hazard Operability) Study Report should be enclosed.

•  On Site Emergency Plan should be prepared and enclosed.

•  If the factory/installation falls within the definition of a Major Accident Hazard (MAH) installation, or, if the storage of chemicals is more than the quanties specified in RCIMAH Rules, dispersion modeling Report should be submitted.


•  Plans/drawings should be submitted in three sets, either in Blue Print or Computer print.

•  Ensure that all the sheets of the plans(drawings) are signed under name and seal by either the Occupier or designated manager of the factory.

•  Site plan showing all the constructions, equipment etc. should be drawn in the scale of 1:1000 . All other construction, roads in the neighborhood should also be marked. The full address (Plot No, khasara No, Area, Village, Tehsil, District etc.) should be stated on the drawing.

•  Detailed plan-view, elevations and cross sectional elevation of all the buildings, constructions shown in the Site Plan, should be drawn in a scale of 1:200. It should be ensured that there are sufficient avenues for natural light or air and ventilation in all the factory buildings/sheds.

•  The location of all machines to be installed should be shown in the detailed plan view of the factory building. The name of the machine, distance between the neighboring machines ,clear distance of the machines from the nearest walls or any fixed structure, should be mentioned in the drawing. It must be ensured that this clear distance should be at least three feet, or, less than 9 inches.

•  If it is required to install an E.O.T crane in the factory shed, the structure of the crane track should provide a cat walk (walk way) of at least 20 inches in width alongside the entire length of the crane track, as per provisions of Rule 57 (A)(5) of the Rajasthan Factories Rules 1951.

•  Welfare facilities for the workers are required to be shown in the Site Plan as well as the detailed drawings, which would be as follows:

•  Drinking water facilities for all workers.

•  Lavatories & Urinals (Toilet facilities)

-For 1 to 100 workers----One set for every 25 workers.

- For employing above 100 workers  As per above -----------

condition + one Additional set for every 50 workers  above 100.

Toilets facilities will include lavatories, urinals, wash basin, bathrooms/washing facilities etc. The toilets/washing facilities should be properly enclosed and covered at the top. Separate toilet facilities are required to be provided for the male and the female workers.

 A cloak room with facility of lockers is required for some special categories of factories, such a glass works, engineering/automobile workshops, chemical works, Dyeing works, oil mills, Iron and steel work, etc.

•  Rest shelters/Rest Rooms must be provided for all factories employing 150 or more workers on any day. Rest Rooms must be separate for the male and the female workers, as per provisions of Section 47 of the Factories Act 1948.

•  Fire fighting equipments should be shown at the appropriate places, as per Rules.

•  A canteen is required to be provided in a factory employing 250 or more workers on any one day, a per provisions of Section 46 of the Factories Act 1948 & Rules made there under.


The following documents should be submitted to the office of the Chief Inspector of Factories for registration of a new factory:

•  Form No.2 (Annexure -2) in triplicate, filled in completely and duly signed/stamped by the Occupier and Manager of the Factory. The number of workers proposed to be employed, connected power load, manufacturing process etc. should be filled in at all the appropriate places. The Registration fee as per enclosed Fee Schedule ( A & B) (Annexure -3) should be deposited in the State Treasury. or an A/C payees Bank demand draft favoring The Chief Inspector of Factories & Boilers, Rajasthan, payable at Jaipur should be sent along with the Application Form ( Form No.2). The registration fee is as per enclosed fee schedule with additional 50% fee payable at the time of registration

•  At Sr. No. 8 of the Form No.2, complete name, fathers name, residential address of the owner/occupier/proprietor/partner/director or manufacturing Agent, as the case may be should be clearly stated. In case of a private or a public limited company, only one of the directors of the company can be named/appointed a the Occupier of the factory.

•  The attested/notorized proof of ownership/possession of the land and the building where the factory is proposed to be started, must be enclosed.

•  In case of a public or private limited company, three self attested/notarized copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association must be enclosed. If there has been any change in the directors after incorporation of the company, attested copies of Board Resolution and Form No.32 submitted to the Registrar of Companies must be enclosed, along with a duly signed/attested copies of latest list of directors. DIN of the directors should also be furnished.

•  Before commencing any manufacturing process in any building/shed inside the factory premises, a building stability certificate must be obtained from a recognized/approved competent person and submitted to the Chief Inspector of Factories, as required under Rules 3C  of the Rajasthan Factories Rules 1951.


Factories where boilers are required to be installed for generation of steam are required so comply with the following instructions:

a) "BOILER "

b) All factory owners/occupiers in whose factories steam is required are advised to purchase and install boilers which have been constructed in accordance with the provisions of Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950. Boilers which are not constructed/manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Boilers Regulations 1950, can not be registered in any case, and are un-authorized, and should not be taken into use.

c) The firms manufacturing boilers as provisions of  Boilers Act 1923 should make available the certified drawings, all certificates of material, fittings, mountings and accessories, pressure calculations etc. along with the Boiler to the purchaser /client in the form of a FOLDER. The boiler owners intending to take the boiler in use should submit this complete Folder to the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Rajasthan, Jaipur along with their application and fees for registration of the boiler.

d) Boiler Registration fee should be deposited as per boiler fee schedule  in the State Treasury through Treasury Challan, or an A/C. Payee Bank Draft favoring, Chief Inspector of Factories & Boilers, Rajasthan, Payable at Jaipur.

e) The drawings showing the proposed layout of steam pipeline should be submitted in three copies, for approval of the Chief Inspector.


•  Scrutiny fee of steam pipe line @ Rs.40/- for

every 30 meters length or part there of,

subject to a minimum of R.60/-

•  Installation fee:

For installation fee:

•  For steam pipeline upto a diameter of 100mm- Rs. 250/- for every 30 metrs length

or part thereof.(Minimum 250+60=Rs. 310/-)

•  For steam pipeline above 100mm

diameter Rs.600/- for every 30 mtrs or

part thereof.(Minimum 600+60 = Rs. 660/-)

•  The material for steam pipe line should be of IBR quality with original IBR certificates. In absence of original IBR material certificates, the material will have to be offered for physical and chemical testing, and shall be accepted only if the test results are satisfactory.All expenses for such testings shall be borne by the owner of the boiler.

•  In case of  un-certificated material, the sample pieces will be required to be cut into specified size and submitted for physical and chemical testing through the respective office of the regional Dy.Chief Inspector/Sr.Inspector/Inspector of Factories and Boilers, with their initials on the material and a cover letter.

•  Prior permission of the Chief Inspector of Boilers is essential before carrying out the installation of steam pipeline through any approved agency.

•  Any installation of steam pipeline or repair to the boiler or the steam pipeline can be carried out only by an Approved Repairing Agency, approved by the Chief Inspector of Boilers, Rajasthan, Jaipur.

•  As and when it is felt necessary to carryout any repairs to a boiler, the boiler owner should immediately stop the boiler and inform the Chief Inspector of Boilers, Rajasthan, and the concerned Area Officer. No repair to any boiler or steam pipeline should be carried out without the issue of a boiler repair order from the office of the chief Inspector of Boilers.


•  When an old registered boiler is purchased by any entrepreneur the following information must be submitted to the Chief Inspector of Boilers, Rajasthan, Jaipur and the concerned Area Officer:

•  Xerox copy of the last issued certificate of the Boiler.

•  Boiler Inspection fee  as per column B of Regulation 385 of the Indian Boiler Regulation 1950, in form of Bank Draft favoring the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Rajasthan, payable at Jaipur.

•  Installation of the steam pipeline and the boiler should be carried out as already stated earlier, in case of Registration of a new boiler.


  1. Application complete in all respects in the prescribed Form No.2 in triplicate with the prescribed Fee along with the original license must reach the office of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Rajasthan, Jaipur or the Regional Dy. Chief /Senior/Inspector of Factories and Boilers, positively before 31st January. Late fee at the rate of 25% of the license renewal fee is payable on all applications received after the 31st January. In case 31st January happens to be a Sunday or a Gazetted holiday, the next working day shall be treated as the last date of receiving the license renewal applications.
  2. In case there is any amendment in the constitution of the factory/ company/firm its ownership, name of the factory manufacturing process, change in the employment of number of workers, or the power being taken into use, a revised application for amendment of the factory license shall have to be submitted along with an amendment fee of Rs.100/- in addition to the difference of fee if payable.
  3. The Original license must be enclosed with the application for license renewal, or a fee of Rs.100/- must be deposited for issue of a duplicate license.
  4. In case of change in the constitution of the firm notarized and self attested copies of the new partnership deed must be submitted.
  5. In case of change in the Board of Directors of a private or public limited company, the attested copy of Board Resolutions, Form No.32 submitted to the Registrar of Companies, and latest list of board of directors must be submitted, with then DIN documents.
  6. There are provisions for renewal of the factory license for a period up to five years.
  7. If a factory license has been renewed for a period for more than one year and it becomes necessary to get the license amended on account of any change/increase in the number of worker or power, the difference amount as per fee schedule shall be payable.
  8. In case of loss or misplacement of the factory license, duplicate factory license shall be issued on payment of Rs. 100/- after an application in the prescribed Performa has been received.